IT and Information Security

  • Risc analysis

  • Asset analysis

  • Information Security Systems (ISMS)

  • Business Continuity

  • General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO)

  • Security and Safety

  • System-Analysis, Measures and Concepts

  • Documentation


Design and Planning Consultancy

  • User requirements analysis

  • Technical studies

  • Feasibility studies

  • Technology evaluation

  • Conceptual specification

  • Licensing and approval

  • Detailed specification


Implementation Support

  • Project & resource management

  • Procurement support, cost control

  • Supervision of manufacturers

  • Test schedules, test procedures

  • Installation supervision

  • Documentation



  • Network operation support

  • Improvement and development consultancy

  • Service & maintenance concept

  • After sales concept


Radio Network Planning

  • Radio network design

  • Radio system design

  • Coverage planning, frequency planning, BS planning, etc.

  • Radio planning tool consultancy

  • Coverage prediction (RF field-strength and dispersion)

  • Calibration and verification of propagation models

  • Processing of Geo data (DEM, GIS, land cover data etc.) Graphics and images

  • Field-strength and propagation measurements


HF Measurments

  • Planning and realisation of measurement campagnes

  • Spezifikation of test procedures

  • Calibration measurement for propagation models

  • Measurement analyses and representation

  • HF equipment tests

  • Longterm measurements


IT Services and Software Development

  • Planning and building of IT and communications infrastructure
    (LAN, server, clients, telecommunication systems)

  • Device evaluation and configuration

  • System maintenance and support

  • Structured wiring

  • CAT5/6 certifications

  • Database, tool and application development


Tendering Process

  • Both for purchasers and bidders

  • Tender document (technical part)

  • Tendering process management

  • Evaluation of tenders

  • System design (realisation)

  • Cost evaluation

  • Support for bidding document


Programme Management

  • Multi project coordination

  • Project manager support

  • Project planning and scheduling

  • Coordination of vendors


Smartcards, SIM-Cards, Cellphones

  • Developing of requirement specifications

  • Conformance test

  • Applicationdevelopment

  • Developing of QM concepts and test specifications


Radio Network Optimisation

  • Radio network monitoring

  • Network optimisation

  • Parameter and configuration optimisation

  • Coverage and quality drive tests

  • Interfaces and specialist soft-ware for data mining


Smart Grid Communication

  • Sort Range Devices

  • Meshed Networks

  • Smart Meter Communication


Quality Assurance

  • Test methodology and test specifications

  • Commissioning & acceptance tests

  • Terminals and devices tests

  • Warehouse goods-in tests



  • User training

  • Software training

  • Training for radio planning tools

  • Technology training

  • Training of trainers

  • Tutorials and tutorial concepts


ICT Systems and Technologies

  • Public Safty Command and Controll Rooms

  • Cellular Mobile Radio (GSM, UMTS, CDMA, Analogfunk)

  • Analog Radio

  • Trunked radio system (TETRA, Tetrapol, MPT1327)

  • Simulcast radio systems (analog and digital)

  • Tunnel Radio

  • Microwave, WLL, WiMAX, WiFi

  • Mobile Terminals

  • SIM and smart cards

  • Dispatcher Systems

  • Broadband Data Transmission, LAN, WAN, ADSL, LWL

  • Database Systems, Geographic Information Systems